I created Timeline to chronicle history and events.
Code your own Timeline.

My first Chrome extension - the Web Time Tracker

I wanted to sharpen up on my JavaScript, so I coded up a chrome extension to help me keep track of time and project goals. It's not too robust... yet, but I may add more features over time to the extension. Check it out on the Chrome Web store.

Interactive Resume

To try and showcase some cool CSS transitions and a little design work, I created an interactive resume. It's fairly simple, but I wanted to add a few subtle effects and animations to make it nice.

Reduce jankiness enhancements

I have updated my Timeline and changed some of the transitions to reduce jitter where possible. I also updated support for scrolling on Firefox and removed scrollIntoView() which was not a pretty effect. I will push the changes to the public repo soon.

Opened up Timeline to the public

Check it out on Github. I hope you all enjoy the project! Feel free to submit and issues or pull requests.

Added Auto Play to Timeline

See it in action by clicking the play circle at the top of this Timeline. It allows for variable speed with a data-timer attribute, and has a status bar to indicate when it will switch to the next event.

Removed jQuery dependency for Timeline

The jQuery library is a bit overkill to power Timeline, so I removed it and coded it up as vanilla JavaScript instead. Firefox is a bit buggy due to some document.body.scrollTop limitation.

Timeline fix for IE

IE doesn't play nice.

At least not with with absolute centered inline elements. I'm not sure why, but I had to use a margin and remove the centering to force the line to center on IE. Tested on IE11.

Timeline fixes & enhancements

Coffee and I fixed some glitches in the timeline animations & added some new features. Now off to paid work.


Switching to a transform: translate animation makes things much smoother on all devices and browsers.

Also, I added support to show the event (or a portion of it) before it is opened and read. This works best on short snippets of text (as you see here) and media (the pictures below).

Timeline v1!

You are looking at the very first timeline!
Ok.. so maybe not but,

Timeline works great with existing responsive grid layouts, and can support all sorts of media. It's easy to code up and include on any website with minimal HTML skills.

PatesLaw.com Mobile-Responsive Update

Y U NO responsive web design!?!?!

Google recently announced some changes in how their search engine ranks results. Any website that is not mobile-friendly may get impacted by these changes. As such, a few of my older projects need some mobile-responsive magic added in, and I am making sure they are updated in time for Googles changes.

BurnMail Begins

A chat system for website owners

Burnmail is an exciting new service I am developing that makes live chatting through websites easy and affordable. Built on Node and PHP, Burnmail is setup to be secure and super fast. I just got started on this project and will continue developing as time allows.

Contracted to work on Kelaher Law

Excited to bring Kelaher Family Law online! Neva Kelaher is a local attorney with many years under her belt as a Family Law Attorney in Orlando, Florida. Her site should go live soon, stay tuned :).

Testing pictures but this sure does looks lovely

Go Welli!

Welli was built with PHP, mySQL, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript.

goWelli.com was just launched!

I built Welli to help track health and symptoms over a period of time. It was a fairly time consuming project as it integrated aspects of analytics, tracking, metrics, aggregate calculations, billing and payments, and more.

Lots more

I have a ways to go with filling in my timeline, and I also want to add on some new features for links, and social integration.

Stay tuned... :)

- Joey

Photo by Axel Antas-Bergkvist Photo by ahmadreza sajadi